[GET] Budget-friendly Movie streaming sites with full control over your video earnings & ads Display

Hello Everyone 

I will do my best to provide excellent support regarding my services, if you are interested, make sure to give me chance, you won’t regret it!

So, without wasting any time, let’s know a little background & base of my service.

A few months ago, I dove into the movie streaming niche & started researching on it, I saw journeys & threads & it got me hooked, so I started working on it, but it was very time consuming, I was uploading around 50 movies a day no matter how hard I try, In a month I was only able to post around 1500 movies & that was too less & in my opinion for a good movie streaming site at least 5 to 10 thousand movies are needed & with my current speed, it is gonna take me months & I didn’t have that much time even hiring someone to do the job gonna cost me $5-$10 an hour,
If the hired person do it all day then still it’s gonna cost me
5×24=120 a day (120×20=2400 dollars a month)
& that much I cannot afford so I decided to do some more research & stumble upon videospider/gostream & other services that can do all my work, but the only problem was I cannot control ads on my site if I use these services, because the movies are uploaded on others accounts & that is a big problem because sometimes they show a very high amount of ads which most of the times annoys the visitor resulting in no revisit & that’s not good at all & that’s not all, the saddest part is, we cannot even earn from it…

Most people ignore this but if you do the maths then…
let’s say you are getting 100k visits daily
& you are getting an average of $10 per 10k views which is average because rates are depending on countries highest rates are $40 per 10k views but let’s talk only about an average of $10 per 10k views & you are getting 100k traffic daily then
10×10=100 you are losing $100 per day & $3000 per month by not having control over your videos.
Even if you consider $5 per 10k it is gonna be $1500 per month

If you are into the streaming niche then you can easily see the potential here…

I will upload 21k+ Movies on your site, Movies will be uploaded on streamtape & mixdrop (Mixed uploaded) & you will own those accounts, they will be personally yours, all the earnings will be yours…

Here are the rates of these video hosting services:
1. Streamtape: https://streamtape.com/partnerprogram
2. MixDrop: https://mixpartners.co/rates/

So, What you will be getting?

1. 21k+ Movies to your WordPress Website.
2. 1x Dooplay theme License Original (No Cracked or Nulled theme)
3. 1x Streamtape account
4. 1x Mixdrop account

A Freshly Installed WordPress Site With Administrator Access
1 Email Account to setup streamtape & mixdrop accounts (Protonmail Preferred)

$210 per site
$350 x2 sites (Straight $70 OFF)
$480 x3 sites (Straight $150 OFF)

Payment Gateways: PayPal & BTC/ETH For Everyone.

4-7 Business days.​
Telegram: @zigfreed
Discord: lurker1z#1740

Refund Policy:
If I am not able to Deliver in the allotted time you will get a full refund.